Street Drag 2

Join Street Drag 2 the ultimate drag racing game to play on your smartphone. Customize your cars with amazing tuning options and challenge your friends!

Drag Racing

Street Drag 2 offers you a wide range of modes to choose from. You can also take part in a selection of demanding challenges and weekly events that will put your skills to the test. Travel around the world to compete against the best driver from each continent. Race for dominance in America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East. Be fast or be last!

Car Costumization

Are you a big-shot mechanic? Put your knowledge to the test! We’re proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and realistic games available, developed with unparalleled accuracy and attention to detail. Discover a world of infinite possibilities!

Drag Racing Online

Are you looking for some action? Are you confident enough to bet your own car? Are you willing to risk everything? If your answer is yes, then "The pink slip" mode is for you! Beat your rivals, win their cars and become a legend!

Car Simulator

SD2 is the perfect game for those who love to modify cars! We have one of the most advanced engines around. Everything works exactly as it does in real life. Tune your car with a huge range of parameters, or just enter in your favorite car’s stat, and let our engine do the rest. If you are looking for a realistic drag racing game to play on your smartphone, look no further than Street Drag 2.

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